Buy the Truth and Repent from Pride-Apostle Selman at IPG 2022 in Takoradi

The Leader and Founder for Koinonia Global, Apostle Joshua Selman has reiterated that, people should have a foresight and buy to the truth in life.

Speaking on the theme “Buy the truth” from Proverbs 23:23 at Zion Praise Chapel Int. Prophetic gathering at Takoradi in the Western Region of Ghana with Bishop Bernard Ogyiri-Asare, the man of God counselled the congregation to, Buy the truth, and sell it not; in wisdom, instruction, and understanding.

Apostle Joshua Selman speaking at IPG22 made some guidelines that, in every area of one’s life, we needs to have five spiritual currencies to buy the truth of life.

He said we need to desire and hunger for truth because the truth has the power to influence our freedom. When you see a man of God today, the truth that exalted them today is Hunger and desire.

Apostle Selman attributed that, if want to live a truthful life, you should have a spiritual currency of meekness and humility. People of today are full of pride and they should repent, trying to compare themselves to others without knowing how they started. Everywhere you see results, you will see the signature of humility and hunger.

He added that, we should have genuine Connection and fellowership in every area of our life. It will take faith for you to be able to connect and buy the truth.

The man of God speaking at the gathering said, truth is everything that represents God and we need prayer to dominates and thrived in the power of truth.

“You can sell through weariness, complacency and throw compromise. Don’t sell the truth”.

Pastor Nathaniel Bassey spiced it up with some enchantment and spiritual provoked songs at the gathering.